Clean Your Email List

Having a clean email list can be crucial in running your campaigns or promoting events. If too many emails on your list bounce, hit spam traps, or are undeliverable for any reason this can hurt your sending ability. This would result in more of your emails getting blocked or caught in spam filters.

Before you add contacts to the Conduct Contact Manager, consider sending those email addresses through a list cleaning and email verification service. These services let you upload a file of emails, run them through the cleaning service, and remove any invalid emails. This helps improve your delivery rate and the effectiveness of a Conduct Campaign. Here are several email verification services to explore.


Hubuco is one of the best-known email list validation in an industry of email marketing. It provides a platform to carry easily out bulk email verification and validation on any opt-in list. Hubuco ensures you only send the email to real users and helps you separate the low-quality addresses from high-value contacts. View the site


MailGet email list cleaning service provides an easy to upload a bulk email list, click on clean list button and get your list cleaned. There are three type of clean segments: spam list, suspended list, and bounce list. View the site


QuickEmailVerification is a tool to validate and verify email addresses. Use it to maintain list hygiene and improve email marketing. The list cleaning hygiene email service investigates all email addresses and marks them as valid, invalid and unknown email addresses. It checks all the email addresses for bad domains, disposable email addresses, role accounts and spam traps, and then differentiate them accordingly. View the site


Email Checker is a market leader offering a bulk list cleaning service with an impressive deliverability rate of 97%. The drag-and-drop dashboard easy to use and there is a support team available for help. Email Checker offers both bulk list cleaning and real-time verification with domain, mailbox, syntax and format checks. View the site


XVerify can validate all email addresses globally and checks each unique email address to make sure the username is registered at the domain. Xverify’s built-in auto-correction can easily notify the end users when they spell a domain incorrectly. Xverify has 98% accuracy across all major email domains including AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail. View the site


MailboxValidator is a popular email validation service that improves email delivery success rate by reducing bad email due to undelivered or bounced emails. It checks each email address to make sure the username is registered in the domain. The platform comes with built-in fraud protection to ensure none of the addresses are from temporary accounts or linked to known fraudsters. They claim to clean and verify email up to 96%. View the site


Email-Validator provides services through to verify your email addresses in bulk. It checks out all your contact email address through the various process such as syntax verification, DNS validation, DEA detection, SMTP connection, duplicate removal and provides you with a clean verified contact list. View the site


This online email list validator software offers you verification of email addresses in bulk so you can upload thousands of email addresses simultaneously and sort out invalid and non-working email addresses with a detailed report on it.  The process starts by checking email address syntax, and then MX record checking,  role address detection, DEA detection and at last with mailbox existence checking. It provides additional reports such as Safe to Send email list to improve deliverability rates. View the site